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To Know!!

Seven weeks into my first Greek class at school, and if ever there was a way to a humble someone, Greek is the way to humble anyone. It is challenging not just to learn another language but to realize that my command of the English language is pretty sorry, too. Ha-ha. I admit, whatever I understand of my native tongue is more passive and comes from years of writing while in prison. Before Greek, I could have told you what a noun was, but I would not have been able to tell you the difference between an adjective and an adverb off the top of my head. The understanding that I had was just in my brain, mixed in with all the bad habits I picked up over the years from sheer laziness and texting.  But that made me wonder. As important as understanding our language is for writing business emails, newsletters, and policies in our workplaces, how many of us have a real command of the language we use? Off the top of your head: What is a prepositional phrase? When is it appropriate to use a semic

Oh, yeah?! Well...

     Blogging has gotten away from me. COVID made it difficult. When the pandemic first hit, especially when Ashley, Eli, and I found ourselves cooped up together in our house, it was really rough. Ashley is an Enneagram 8. I am an Enneagram 4 wing 5, and Eli…well, he is six years old, a super cool kid, and if I had to guess, I would say he is an Enneagram 7. To be clear, I don't know much about all of the Enneagram stuff. Ashley and I took tests from the Institute, beyond that I have Googled, and that's about it. There are usually college classes, books to read, and Eli to keep up with. Life is busy. But I keep saying that I am going to get to understanding it better, when I have the time.      Back to blogging…I tried to get back into the swing of things a while ago but blogging just didn't seem to be something that God wanted me to be doing right then. Or maybe I was only not in the frame of mind to be sharing thoughts with the world. I had things that I wanted to share.