Come On, Jesus

Taking a pause on Ephesians this week but next week I will resume where I left off.

     I want to take this opportunity to encourage everyone who reads this to know that God is in control of our paths and there is nothing that He does not already know. That includes what we hope for, dream about, need and want, as well as what we fear, struggle with and what hurts us. Even when people disappoint us, anger us, or prove to be exactly who we have always believed them to be beneath the surface, God knows. Even when that person happens to be the reflection staring back at us in the mirror. God knows. And, even in that knowledge, He loves us!

     Recently I was blessed to contend with a couple of issues in my personal life. One issue of which was where I had some folks gossiping about me and I had to decide how to deal with that. It’s hard because there is a knowledge of being commanded to forgive and while I do forgive them, I have to ask myself: do I really want them all up in my personal bubble? Not really. Does God demand that I allow them back in to stick the knife in my back? Show me the Scripture where He says that that is a thing. Does God command me to put myself back in their path over and over again to be ridiculed, talked about, and made fun of? Show me in the Word where that is a thing?

     This is not a one-off thing, either. It has been an ongoing situation that I have been aware of for quite a while and I have done my best to show grace and compassion. I know that I am not perfect. I have been guilty of the same things in my life, in different phases of my life. It took me years to grow up and by God’s grace, I have been allowed to mature. So, what do we as believers do in situations like this? If we have talked to those people and have tried to do the right thing in God’s sight what do we do next?

     Well, after discussing it with my wife, I have decided that it is better to simply be nice and move on, chalk that up to a relationship that I have to turn over to God and eliminate their pseudo-involvement in my life. If people refuse to change, you cannot change them. That is up to the Holy Spirit. It’s not like I can do much else.

     Another issue I have been wrestling with has been depression. It will pass in His good pleasure. But this world is depressing. The way people treat each other is awful. The digs that people feel they need to get in at other people’s expense is shallow and immature. The never-ending cycle of depravity, ego and violence makes me shake my head. It makes me wish Jesus would just hurry up and come back. I never thought I would get out of prison after serving 13 years and be so disappointed in society. I used to think that all the crap that went on was just a “prison thing.” It’s not. It’s a societal thing. People fight over anything and have to one-up each other with everything.

     I have been guilty of it, too. I used to wear a mask of being so tough, and so hard because that’s how it was coming up in prison. Never let them see you sweat. Don’t let them pull you out of your square. Only the strong survive. I didn’t know how to turn that nonsense off. But at some point we have to look around and realize that we all live on this rock together. None of us are better than anyone else. Our ego’s, pride, and belief that we can out-scream one another, out-meme one another, all that boils down to is self-will and nothing more than us worshipping ourselves on the altar of idolatry. We are ALL sinners saved by grace. God only sees us as redeemed and holy in the Blood of the Lamb or wicked and dead in our sins. If we are among the redeemed it is our job to chase after those that are dead in their sins.  

    I pray that He opens up our hearts to the truth of His love and that He is the Lord of All; and I pray that God sends Jesus back soon. I want as many as can be saved to be saved but I also want the Lord to come on, too. 
    This too shall pass.

Until Next Time
God Bless


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