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Out of Hiatus (Reflection)

During COVID-19, my wife Ashley and I have used our time to draw closer to the Lord. That is not to say that we are coming out of quarantine and social distancing like Franciscan monks, not at all! Although, honestly, if it were not for Abbie at Beautiful Blessings Salon, I probably would have looked like a Franciscan monk using my own clippers! (Thanks, Abbie!) However, as my wife wrapped up a Precept study on Luke and then delved into Biblical Counseling courses for her Masters, I dove into The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler andCreature of the Wordby Chandler, Geiger and Patterson.
     Together she and I started the Gospel-centered recovery studyStepsby Chandler and Patterson. It has been enlightening and invigorating. There is no doubt, I believe in the ministry of Celebrate Recovery. I think that there are a lot of believers that could benefit from attending Celebrate Recovery, to hear testimonies of grace and to know what God can do even when we think that all is lost. …