COVID-19 Quarantine Part 1

     We all know what is happening, in our household our five-year-old calls it “The Virus”. Which, that definitely sounds apocalyptic whenever a five-year-old says it. We can all see what is said on social media about it. From those that think it is a joke, to those that are boarding up their homes awaiting the virus to mutate in full-fledge Resident Evil fashion. It affects every aspect of our lives. It can be scary. But, it does not have to be any of that, nor does it have to be “the end of the world…”

     Before I go any further, do you know that God came to this virus-ridden world? Do you know that before COVID-19, God chose to be born as one of us so that He could free us from the ultimate virus of this fallen world—sin?! Perhaps that seem cliché. But, the truth is, all that we endure, the aches and ails of old age, knee pain, lower back pain, our fading memory as we age, aging, and even death—with all the resultant issues that span between the womb and the tomb, such as depression, anxiety, diabetes, the flu, cancer and every single virus of all ages— these are a result of mankind’s disobedience, our choice to follow our flesh and go against God which allowed sin to enter into the world.

     Think about this, before Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden, life was perfect. They did not need clothing (Genesis 2:25). They were not self-conscious about their body image. There was nothing in the way that they looked at one another that was shameful or wrong. They walked with God and He walked with them. In fact, in Genesis 3:8, the Bible makes it clear that God walked in the Garden, and they could hear Him. So, He was there, not as some will-o-wisp or phantasm. God was getting His stroll on through Eden in a manner that they could see and hear God. Further, Adam and Eve were not cold. There was no worry about stepping on a thorn—thorns were not even there yet (post-Fall consequence Gen. 3:18).

     Then, the serpent came along being oh-so crafty and deceived Eve (Gen. 3:1). Now, we know that Eve herself had never been told by God to not eat of the fruit. God told that to Adam, which is clear in Genesis 2:16! And, honestly, I am not sure what the communication between Adam and Eve looked like; but, it probably was not that different from me telling my wife something important and not telling her as clearly as I should; and the next thing I know there is an issue because what I figured was obvious turned out to be something that was just obvious to me, in my head, because I was not as clear as I thought I was being—can anyone else relate to that? That seems to be more normal than not.  However, before I move on, think about this—prior to sin entering the world through the disobedience of eating of the fruit, there was still NO SIN present even if there was poor communication on Adam’s part, so perhaps the take-away here is that for those of us who are in relationships, we should be quick to extend grace and mercy to one another in how we do or do not communicate. (Remember—be angry but do not sin, Ephesians 4:26; and be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, James 1:19).

     Now, when looking at mankind’s Fall which allowed for things to come into this world like COVID-19, I can’t help but note two things:

     First, Eve fell victim to the deception of Satan. She gave into the lust of the eyes, the pride of life and the lust of the flesh mentioned in 1 John 2:16. Remember that the fruit was good for food, it was a delight to the eyes, and that it was desirable to make one wise (Genesis 3:6 NASB); she ate of the fruit and gave some to Adam to eat.

     Second, this is where things get kind of wild—and to be perfectly transparent I had never considered this before my Theology I class—Adam chose to eat of the fruit given to him by Eve; and what was Eve made from? Adam’s rib!! And what did Adam say when Eve was brought to him? “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman because she was taken out of Man.” (Gen. 2:23). So, Adam did what we all now tend to do before accepting the grace and redemption of Christ: he followed his flesh.

     So, essentially, from the very beginning mankind has been prone to follow its flesh and go against God. It is evident in the Fall that the lust of the eyes, the pride of life and the lust of the flesh won out because we desired self-reliance and disobedience rather than God-reliance and obedience! Every choice we make either honors God or it does not, glorifies God or it does not, shows that we truly love Him, or it does not. The does not part is most definitely a breakdown in our relationship with God and the manifestation of sin in our hearts.  

     Yet, in Genesis 3:15, we see what scholars call the Protoevangelium. If you are like me, that sounds great and all, but I still think that it would make more sense to call it the First Gospel since that is what Protoevangelium means. But, Genesis 3:15 is where through cursing the serpent God promises us that the from the woman’s seed, the Deceiver’s skull will be bruised. The word bruised comes from the Hebrew verb shoof, and means to gape, break, cover and crush. Wild, huh?! But, did you catch that? From the woman’s seed? There will come one that will crush the serpent’s head? Every other instance known to man it is always the man’s seed. Clearly, God knew that a woman would bear a Son, Who would cover the Serpent’s treachery and break the curse that it had caused as far back as Genesis 3:15.

     That Son was Jesus, He is the Word that was in the Beginning, and He was born to ensure there was a way to restore us to our heavenly Father. From the very beginning God had a plan to raise us out of the fallen state of this world, and that plan was for Jesus to be born of a virgin, for Him to be her Seed and to pay for our mistake as only God could, for our decision to follow our flesh and choose what God knew was not good or wise for us. Jesus fulfilled all of that for us by living a perfect life, a sinless life, and choosing to die for us on the cross! Because only He could do it, and only He had the power to rise up out of death to conquer the curse of the grave and crush Satan’s hope of taking us down with him.

     If you don’t know Jesus, I encourage you RIGHT NOW to reach out to me here via a reply on the blog page itself, or inbox me at WordServant on Facebook. You can even reach out to Nick Carnes, or Steve White at New Passion Church, or anyone that you may know who has a relationship with Jesus Christ so that they may message with you, FaceTime with you or talk with you over the phone to better understand what being a follower of Christ is all about!

     Now, I know this blog is already long, so I will conclude this here for now as part one of a two-part blog post. Next to come, why it is that if we believe in Christ, even if this is the apocalypse and the world is ending…we are in great hands! Yet, also, why it is very important to look at what the Scripture and history show about the End Times and why we need to be very careful against allowing the current situation we are in to freak us out so that we are falling victim to doomsday rhetoric.

Until Next Time
God Bless


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