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Thank You and God Bless You!!!

     In two days, Word Servant will have been up and running for one calendar year. In that time frame God has allowed 4,042 visits! He has allowed 370 views from Israel, 162 views from Hong Kong and 183 views from China. I scratch my head and wonder how some of you found Word Servant, whether you are using Google translate to read it or if English is a second language. I wonder what life is like for you in the Ukraine, Germany and China? What your spiritual lives are like? Are you allowed to worship God openly? Is the church state-run or separate from the government of your country? Do you have access to a Bible or is religion controlled and the internet monitored in such a way that you only get verses of the Bible from websites like Word Servant? Is it better to put the verse at the top of the blog, or can you follow the links that I provide to the Bible verses?      When I look at the analytics of the blog, it is humbling. God has used it to take verses and thoughts about the

Proverbs 3:1-10

Proverbs 3:1-10 LEB      The timing of Proverbs 3:1-10 in my life amazes me. May loyal love and truth not forsake you; bind them around your neck, write them upon your heart! Trust the Lord with all your heart; do not lean toward your own understanding!. Do not be wise in your own eyes; FEAR THE LORD... In ALL YOUR WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM, AND HE WILL STRAIGHTEN OUT YOUR PATH! Every verse here resonates with me and where I am at, right now, in my walk with the Lord.      The reason these really hit home for me right now has a lot to do with the fact that recently my wife and I joined another church after feeling God calling us from the church-home we had known for seven years. My wife started feeling the Lord’s nudging in the summer of 2019. By August 2019, she believed the Lord was calling us to go. However, she followed my lead and chose to submit to whatever I felt God was placing on my heart, as the spiritual leader of our household. But, if I can be humbly honest: I rea

Proverbs 2

      Please, Seek His Wisdom!             Proverbs 2:1-22 knocks the wind out of me. For starters, it makes me think of the season in my life when I believed sitting in church was enough; and while I was listening, I was not storing up the commands of the Lord on my heart. While I was present and accounted for, I wasn’t digging into the Word. Back then, to me worship was singing Christian Contemporary Music and not mentally checking out because the music was not what I preferred. The very notion that worship is a 24/7 state of being was completely lost on me. I loved the image of God and moments of worship that I had in my head and heart; but I struggled with an inadequate head-knowledge and a bunch of emotionally charged experiences that left my relationship with Christ lacking.                    We know that this is happening more often than not, though. How many of us are seeking after God, His insights, His understanding, and His knowledge like treasure? Throw a 140k a ye


Proverbs 1: 20-33 LEB      The Call of Wisdom. What is Biblical Wisdom? Is it not so common common-sense? Is it an inner instinct formed by years of experience that says, “Hey, if you run that red light, you might get a ticket!” Or, “Hey, that stove burner is flesh-searing hot, don’t touch!” I would love to say YES!! Then, find some scripture that supports my claim and close the Bible to be on my way. But, that is not being a good steward of the understanding God has blessed me with from great teachers, mentors and preachers of the Word.      Something I heard yesterday resonated with a book I am reading by J.I Packer, “ Knowing God ,” as well as with my study of this passage in Proverbs. We are to glorify God in all that we do, right? Well, we can truly only come to glorify God by knowing Him; and the only way we can know Him, His voice or His will for our lives is by knowing His Word, which He has given us so that we may cultivate our relationship with Him.[1]      Wel