Beautiful Grace

“But to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of Christ’s gift.” Ephesians 4:7 NASB

     This verse resonates with me. Christ’s gift to us may make us think of salvation, being brought back into relationship with God and being forgiven of our sins. Christ did all of that for us. However, the very word gift in this verse means sacrifice, as well as represents a form of payment. What a clear picture that is of what He did for us. He sacrificed what none of the priests before Him nor anyone since could ever sacrifice to ensure that our debts, our sins, were paid.

     Do we meditate enough on the measure of Christ’s sacrifice? He looked Judas in the eye, knowing what the kiss meant. He let the priests and guards take Him from Gethsemane fully aware that He was going to be condemned, that the flesh would be scourged from His back and that He would be publicly shamed, mocked and attacked. He was beaten by the soldiers, His clothes taken from Him, spit on and then forced to carry the cross to Calvary where He was nailed to it.

     As a mere man, the idea of enduring all of that is hard. Yet, God did it for us. It’s hard to imagine what was going through Jesus’ mind when He woke in that tomb. Think about that morning prayer, “Father, they really did it…” But, He knew all of that was going to happen and He still chose to show us grace; and each of us has been shown grace according to His sacrifice for us.

     That is the part of this verse that fills me with joy. I KNOW I have been a sinner. I know that the deeds of my past on their absolute best day were a lot like a diaper wipe after an infant blow-out. I’m talking the kind of blow-out that is up the kid’s back and makes a parent instantly gag. That was my very best before I got serious with Christ. So, I consider myself beyond blessed to receive His grace. I also know that for all my sin, His grace covered and covers it all. Every bit of it. I relish the understanding that I am as clean as snow before Christ and for those that relate, PRAISE GOD!

     His grace has been poured out on all of us and redeemed us! This is the BEST NEWS EVER!

     When you think about God’s grace in your life, are you filled with joy? Do you realize that your sins are forgiven, and cast as far as the East is to the West? The enemy may try to shove your nose back into where you have been, who you used to be and how you used to act, that is the nature of the devil, he is the Accuser for a reason. Remember, the gift Christ has given to you, the Grace He has shown you means that you don’t have to listen to the devil. Christ is greater within you, than the Accuser of the world could ever be from outside of God’s love!

Until Next Time,
God Bless


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