Child of God

     Usually there is a Scripture. Today I am going to swerve from that and rest a finger on Ephesians chapter 4. You know, just holding my place for a moment!

     This past year has been a spur year for me! God has done quite a bit in my life and He keeps on doing and encouraging regardless of the limitations we try to put on Him. This past year has been a real brain-stretch for me, too. When the events of life around me convicted me to hit my knees and pray and then go back to college for a degree in Christian Studies, I admit my foundation was nowhere near what it is today.

     In fact, while in Hermeneutics and a Romans Precepts class, I became absolutely convinced that the Bible is the word for word, God-breathed, Holy Scriptures. Now, I believed that before. A lot of us probably believe that the Bible is the Word of God. However, as the overlapping points of those two unconnected classes kept hitting home, I became utterly convinced that it was a fact. The Bible is the Living Word of God. I even reveled in how the Bible calls Christ the Word of God, and the Scriptures are the Word of God. In that specific moment I had the ‘Oh wow’ thing going on, like I had just realized a secret of the universe. It probably cracked my friends up that I was finally getting it, but I know a few shook their heads, most likely thinking, ‘this guy.’

     Also, this blog is the result of more unconnected overlap from this past year. I was in Intro to the Great Commission and we were tasked with an Evangelization assignment. Then on a car ride to Columbia for some great food, the topic of blogging came up, and a friend I have been blessed to grow from this past year suggested that I just do it. Thus, the mustard seed idea of sharing Scripture and my life, while evangelizing in the process to do my part in the Great Commission began January 29th, 2019.

     Why does any of this matter? Well, sometimes we get in this frame of mind that God works in the four walls of the church, or that He moves independent of our everyday life. However, I am convinced that He turns our day to day routines into encouragement for others and walks with us through the mundane. He is there in the awkward moments, the uncomfortable moments, as well as our much-needed learning moments while overlapping into every area of our lives as we surrender to Him. Jesus is Lord of All and that is not just a Worship Song! This is something that He has impressed on me this past year over and over again.  

     I am looking forward to starting 37 tomorrow with the new perception God has cultivated within me these last 365 days: “I am who You say I am!”   


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