Trying to Be a Living Sacrifice While Dying to Self Daily

Therefore, I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. Romans 12:1 (NASB).

  Throughout the New Testament there are many commands made by Jesus and the Apostles on how Christians should live. Most of the commands are practical, while some teach believers to defy our initial instincts. When Jesus instructed the disciples to love their neighbors as themselves in Matthew 19:19, I understand it as a practical command. When Jesus encouraged His disciples to turn the cheek so both cheeks could be slapped in Matthew 5:9, I see that as an instruction that defies our normal nature. It is Him asking us to rise above what we would typically do. While taking heed to both of those commands is central to our relationship with Christ, there is one command in the New Testament that I think embodies what it means to live as a believer in the mercy of God.    

     In Romans 12:1, the Scripture states that a follower of God is to present their body as a living, holy sacrifice to the Lord. Basically, whoever of us that has accepted God’s mercy is urged to become a holy, living sacrifice by offering ourselves up to the Divine Service of God, as Christ’s selflessness teaches us to live in body, thought and deed, in complete surrender to God’s will. Yeah. Complete surrender.     

     I think the Roman believers who got Paul’s letter understood that he was pleading with them to sacrifice their own selfishness on the altar of God’s mercy! I also think they understood that we are to live a life that represents the adoration and respect for God’s compassion on mankind by being and doing what He desires in our day to day lives. The mercy that He showed to mankind and the sacrifice that He gave to restore us to Himself is the selfless example that Paul encourages the believer’s in Rome to abide by. 

      We may not be in Rome, but it’s still the same example for us to live by today. So, are we striving daily to be dead to ourselves and alive to Christ? Are our words, deeds and lives representative of the respect that He deserves? Are we worshipping Him with our hearts, minds and our examples? Are we convicted in our hearts that perhaps we should be? After all, He came to this fallen world, in all our sinful squalor, and showed us the ultimate level of compassion and pity by allowing Himself to be nailed to the cross for our sins, be buried in a tomb and then raised three days later for all of mankind’s redemption. Something to think about!

Until Next Time,
God Bless


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